Boots on the Ground: What’s Joey Boots Tweeting?

Ever since he stalked and filmed FNC and Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson fly fishing in Central Park, we’re hooked on Joey Boots, the videographer with a YouTube Channel and Howard Stern Show contributor. He had us at, “Do you catch your own flies?” And, “Oh, I’m a dumbass.”

This morning, he provides comic relief amid the serious news of the Boston bombing suspects. To the powers that be, can we please trade WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten for Boots and bring him to Washington where he belongs?

1. Boots began his day by walking Gulliver, whom he describes as “The Fart Machine.”

2. Next up: Boots gets fortified for the long day of terrorist TV watching ahead with a hearty Irish breakfast that includes baked beans. He writes, “Going all out Irish for my breakfast- eggs, a couple sweet bangers, grilled tomato & Baked Beans as I’m tied to the unfolding drama.”

3. Then, naturally, he moves on to post-breakfast Porta-Potties.

4. Boots is fascinated with all the crime aspects of what is happening in Watertown. He writes, Listening to the Boston pd scanner is one of the most incredible things I have ever heard – incredible!”

5. He’s also quite the media observer. “CNN putting live video on delay to not compromise security in case suspect watching & to not air anything violent as snipers take to roofs.”