John Carney Wants to Make a ‘Disruptive Force’

When we caught wind that hired rapscallion financial reporter John Carney, we emailed him a few questions about the move, and then he responded! Here’s how it went:

What specifically will you be your duties at

I’m going to help CNBC’s website become a disruptive force. I’ll be writing for the website, advising on webstrategy, helping CNBC get more web and blog friendly, and appearing on the network.

How often do you expect to appear on TV, and on what channels?

I don’t really have set expectations. I hope I’ll be on frequently. We’ll see how it develops.

Are you feeling optimistic that you’ll be able to do the kind of in-depth, investigative work you favor?

Actually, I am optimistic that I’ll be able to do all sorts of journalism at CNBC. In depth investigative work is part of it. But so are quick, bright, cutting and witty bits of inside Wall Street gossip. I expect I’ll have enough flexibility to give each story exactly the depth and space it deserves.

Does the new job feel like a vindication after your highly publicized departure from The Business Insider?

I’m happy that I was able to build the solid track record of reporting and analysis at the Business Insider that convinced CNBC to hire me. I miss working with my buddies at Cluster.

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