John Fante Gets a Square in Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles loves its celebrities. But when it comes to writers, this isn’t exactly a town that celebrates its talent.

A couple of years ago, when Charles Bukowski’s old Hollywood home was on the verge of being destroyed, he was called a Nazi in a propaganda effort to discredit the author so someone could put up some condos. Walt Disney actually was a Nazi. Imagine if someone tried that with him in this town.

But it seems as if we’re slowly starting to come around in respecting our literary history. 27 years after his death, in honor of what would have been his 101st birthday, the great LA novelist John Fante is being honored in Downtown Los Angeles today. The intersection of 5th and Grand will now officially be called “John Fante Square.” Backers of the Fante Square renaming effort, say the location was chosen because it was near Fante’s old Bunker Hill home, and next to the downtown library that helped nourish his thirst for poetry and fiction.

If you run you can still make the square’s coronation, which begins at 11.

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