John King Inspired by his Shakespeare Professor

Forget Propofol. As one might imagine, reading a Q & A interview with CNN’s John King could easily serve as a sleep aide for the perfect afternoon snooze. But before you slumber, one brief part of the interview caught our eye: What led King into journalism? The interviewer is Joseph Basco, who met the CNNer behind the broadcast tent at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, the site of the recent GOP presidential debate. Basco, the News Editor of student-run Spinnaker blog, said King made himself entirely available and didn’t turn away any question.

Why did you get into journalism? “Curiosity. I’m just a curious person, and I was at school, and I just wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had a Shakespeare professor who said: ‘You know, you really like to write. You should go try some journalism.’ So I said OK. I took a few courses, and I had a smart enough professor who said: ‘I can only teach you so much in class. If you really want to do this, try an internship.’ I got an internship with the Associated Press. I got to cover trials, fires, cops and robbers, the state legislature and the governor. And I said: ‘Wow, they pay people to do this?'”

Read the full interview here and enjoy your nap!

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