The Price of a Johnny Depp Impersonator Interview

According to "Johnny" and his real-life brother "Scissorhands," business is booming.

Did Broadly managing editor Mitchell Sunderland get his money’s worth on Hollywood Blvd.? Barely.

For a piece published today, Sunderland reveals that he had to pay a pair of brothers who double as Johnny Depp impersonators one dollar each. The sibling duo, referred to in the article as Johnny and Scissorhands, both agree that the accusations of domestic violence against the actor and restraining order filed by Amber Heard have had little impact on the tourist and tips flow:

“Actually, business is even better now!” Scissorhands says. He clips the air with his scissor hands and then laughs. “I’m serious.”

The mission statement of this Vice site includes the stated goal of ‘representing the multiplicity of women’s experiences.’ In this case, that amounts to a no-comment from a Catwoman impersonator and a crotch-grab of a Depp wax figure by a Santa Monica resident.

There’s also this paragraph in the Sunderland piece, which reminds just how cavalierly this type of web content can be constructed:

“Amber was married. She was engaged to a chick. Her ex-girlfriend, her fiancée, [got a] restraining order against Amber.” Johnny then tells me, “I’m married, and my wife can take me to the level where I want to kill her, so I understand Johnny if he did.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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