Johns Hopkins University Will Serve As Set For Facebook Movie, "The Social Network"

According to an announcement from Johns Hopkins University today, Columbia Pictures will be shooting two sequences of the film, “The Social Network” on the university campus on November 2nd and 3rd. According to the release, “Homewood will be doubling for Harvard in the scenes being shot next week.” This is the first notice we’ve seen about the actual shooting of the film.

Award winning David Fincher will be directing the movie and the last we heard, filming was expected to start on October 19th according to Caroline McCarthy. While the film is not shooting exclusively at John Hopkins University, I’m assuming that the production staff wanted to avoid some of the attention brought on by filming next to Harvard Square.

According to McCarthy, the rest of the movie is expected to be filmed in Los Angeles. This is the first news of shooting on the John Hopkins campus. The filmins is part of “an economic recovery effort in collaboration with the Maryland and Baltimore film offices.” So far 8 of the film’s actors are listed on the IMDB movie detail page but I’d expect more information to leak out at the movie nears its 2010 release date.

Thanks to Sam Huelatt for tipping us off.