Johnson & Johnson’s Kim Kadlec Joining AOL

Marketing expert tapped as head of relationship management

AOL Corp. is adding the worldwide vice president for Johnson & Johnson’s global marketing group, Kim Kadlec, to its team.

Kadlec will assume the newly minted head of relationship management role to hopefully expand AOL’s partnerships with well-established organizations.

She told Adweek that as more companies seriously consider buying technology and content to build their brands, the conversation has changed from a buyer-seller relationship to a marketing conversation. That’s where she can step in.

“I think there’s an opportunity to bring my marketing background and my brand-building skills to help build that business and give it a global footprint,” Kadlec said.

AOL’s commitment to content and video programing was part of what drew her to the job. Before her eight-year career with J&J, Kadlec was at NBC Universal as vp of branded entertainment. She said she considers media part of her career DNA. 

“She’s got relationships with all the top 100 brands, and those include not just consumer brands, but also a lot of the platforms out there that we’re really interested in. She has a history of being able to drive great relationships, lasting partnerships and to create win-win partnerships with people,” AOL’s brand group CEO Susan Lyne said.

Lyne said Kadlec impressed her with the leadership she displayed when it came to leading J&J into the digital sphere.

Kadlec hopes to increase distribution to leverage AOL’s content and bring it to more readers. Lyne added that she would love to see half a dozen “game-changing” partnerships with AOL’s family of brands—which include TechCrunch, Moviefone and the Huffington Post—within one year.