Some More Thoughts From Jon Stewart

A lively Q&A, dropped into America's heartland.

WisconsinGazetteLogoThere’s a great interview this week with the departing Daily Show host. Conducted by Piers Manning for the Wisconsin Gazette, the Q&A covers a variety of topics.

We loved Stewart’s answer to the last question. In many ways, the reply perfectly encapsulates the dexterity of the comedian’s POV. Check it out:

Was this [coping] as a child? Because I read where you endured anti-Semitic bullying as a child.

You know, I came into a type of abuse, which all children face as a child in all places. Children have a unique and special quality where they will assess you, find your weak spot, find what it is that they will hang on to and utilize it. But in no way was it, this was not a Louis Malle movie, it was in no way more than what the Italian kids in my school faced for being Italian. Or the Irish kids. Or the dork kids or the tall kids or heavy kids.

Because of how my brain is wired, I tended to deflect it as humor where kids genetically superior to me would use fisticuffs. That, I don’t want to ever portray it that I ever suffered under this oppressive, it was very middle-class kid bullshit. I’m generally someone who likes to prat fall and run.

That last sentence arguably applies, in a very  succinct manner, to what looms August 6. After 16 years of Comedy Central pratfalls, Mr. Stewart is ready to run on to new media yard challenges.

Read the rest of the Wisconsin Gazette convo here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.