Capehart Reacts to Subway Doom Incident

WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart addresses the delicate role journalists sometimes play in the course of their day jobs.

In his column, he praises CNN’s Anderson Cooper for helping a small boy in Haiti, who got hit in the head with a concrete block. “Cooper did what I would have done,” Capehart wrote. “At least, I hope I would have had that much courage.”

Capehart delves into the New York subway incident this week in which a freelance photographer shot a picture of a man who had been pushed from the platform and was about to die. His column indicates he thinks the photographer had time to help and didn’t take it… As a former New Yorker, Capehart writes that he had thought of what he’d do if pushed many times.

His mental plan? “One of mine was to roll into the usually wet and trash-strewn center gully the rats use for easy passage,” he wrote.

Read the full column.

Poynter‘s Kelly McBride has more on the ethics of the incident.