Jonathan Tasini: Opposition to Lawsuit are ‘Bootlickers’

Arianna Huffington had her say, and now it’s Jonathan Tasini who is firing back about the lawsuit he’s bringing against The Huffington Post. He tells paidContent that he has plenty of support, and those who oppose the case are just “bootlickers,” which perhaps is better than being an ass kisser (depending on the ass, we suppose).

Tasini also says that while he’s not sure if he’ll win the case, he is sure that Huffington owes him – and others – something:

Ms. Huffington has made, I think, a blunder. Her arrogance and her clear bile, partly towards me but towards all the people who created the content—that’s working against her. People would have been very reasonable and it would have bought her a lot of good will if she had said, I just got fabulously rich—again—let’s sit down and figure out how I help the people who made this a valuable company. Instead she said, screw you.

The sad thing about all of this is that had Tasini not written many, many times for HuffPo, and perhaps insisted that he be paid for his writing right away, everyone would be taking him more seriously. But when he compares writing for HuffPo with slavery and explains that people should be paid after agreeing not to get paid, it just makes him sound stupid.

FishbowlNY wonders: Have any of those writers who wrote for HuffPo, and then gained a book deal from the exposure, given any money to Huffington? Probably not, because – much like Tasini – that doesn’t make any sense.