TWT‘s Curl Slaps At ‘Sniveling’ Weigel

Slate‘s Dave Weigel is a “sniveling liberal,” according to Drudge Report editor and TWT columnist Joseph Curl.

A Sunday op-ed Curl offered a wide-ranging critique of the national media for “falling well short of what the Founders envisioned when they sought to ensure a democracy kept honest by a free and vibrant press.”

After he read the piece, Weigel (not at all concerned with his image) wrote Curl to “check in.” Weigel tells FishbowlDC he hasn’t heard back.

Curl took issue with a short post by Weigel regarding the recording of a meeting that took place inside Sen. Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) campaign headquarters. Weigel’s post centered on McConnell’s immediate reaction to questions on the tape, in which McConnell’s aides can be heard mocking then-potential candidate Ashley Judd‘s self-admitted depression problems. McConnell had initially deflected reporter inquiries on the content, opting instead to question the ethics and legalities of the recording. He said it was the product of a “the political left,” specifically Kentucky Progress, a group that had previously tweeted racist remarks about McConnell’s Asian wife.

“Right now there’s no evidence that reveals the origin of the tape,” Weigel wrote in his story, “whether it was produced by bugging (which is illegal) or a recording from an errant staffer (less illegal). But this is McConnell’s fight back story.”

McConnell’s hunch turned out to be right. It was Kentucky Progress behind the recording.

Just before calling Weigel a “liberal sniveler,” Curl wrote… “Rush Limbaugh accurately predicted that the media would be far more interested in the tape’s contents than how the recording was obtained.”

Curl has not returned request for comment on Weigel’s post (which pointed out that there was no proof at the time who was behind the recording) reveals him to be sniveling, liberal or both.

“My assumption: My McConnell item made it into a few roundups of ‘liburls [sic] who doubted McConnell,'” Weigel said in an email to FBDC, of which he is a BIG fan.

“Odd, because that wasn’t what I wrote. As soon as I saw the tape, I got a quote from the McConnell campaign about ‘[office] bugging,’ then after McConnell’s presser I noted that he was deflecting all questions about the content of the tape (which I said was lame) by talking bugging. This was interpreted as me doubting McConnell, a surprise because 1) I didn’t take a position and 2) I didn’t realize that wholesale trust in politicians was a virtue.”