Joseph Kapsch Gives the New York Post a 24-Hour Ultimatum

Former TheWrap executive editor drives a truck through Richard Johnson Nov. 8 item.

At the top of a brief Nov. 8 Page Six item, Richard Johnson wrote that Joseph Kapsch was let go from TheWrap “after mistakenly claiming on Facebook that he had a new job there as editor at large.” But as it turns out, the only person guilty of false statements here is Johnson.

On Facebook this morning, the former TheWrap executive editor has produced a two-page Oct. 27 job offer letter sent to him by site CEO Sharon Waxman. The document lists nine distinct areas of duty for Kapsch as editor at large, describes him as a “valued member of the company” and confirms a start date of Nov. 2. From the post on Kapsch’s personal Facebook page (excerpted here with his permission):

Since Johnson says “his editor says his article is fine as is” and refuses to issue a correction to the defamatory hit job planted against me by my former employer, he leaves me no choice but to handle this on my own. I DID NOT “mistakenly claim” that I had a new job…

[The] offer letter issued to me for the position of editor at large at TheWrap was sent to me just 2 days after I mutually agreed to step down as executive editor, as well as the original email correspondence which the job offer was sent. If Page Six does not correct their EGREGIOUS article in the next 24 hours, I can assure you that my lawsuit against my former boss Sharon Waxman and TheCRAP is going seem like child’s play in comparison to the defamation lawsuit I file against the NY Post.

At press time, the Post item remains unchanged.* Kapsch’s Facebook post, which ends with the hashtag #‎TRUTHALWAYSPREVAILS‬, went up at around 5 a.m. PT.

*Update (2:55 p.m.):
The second paragraph of the Page Six item has been tweaked. It now reads (bolding is ours):

The executive editor of Sharon Waxman’s showbiz Web site was quietly let go a week ago, after mistakenly claiming on Facebook that he had a new job there as editor at large before the position was finalized and set to begin.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.