Music Festivals: Your Phone’s Worst Enemy?

With a few best practices, festivalgoers can enjoy the show while maintaining a fully-functioning smartphone.

A slow smartphone at a music festival is like a hurricane on a cruise ship: absolutely horrible. And with the summer festival season underway, a slow phone means less uploading photos to Instagram and Snapchat, less communicating with friends after inevitably getting separated and much more dealing with unnecessary frustration.

Fortunately, festivalgoers don’t need an extensive arsenal of weather-gauging and forecasting equipment to bypass the issue; they only need the right applications and the right strategies to navigate the summer festival season. With a few best practices, festivalgoers can enjoy the show while maintaining a fully-functioning smartphone.

Avoid overexertion

First off, don’t make your smartphone work harder than it needs to. People don’t realize that they have many apps and tasks running simultaneously on their phones, which not only slows phones down but also decreases battery life. This is because even if the app isn’t in use, it’s still active in the background.

Simple activities like tweeting or posting a photo will probably be delayed at a music festival, even when there is a signal, because of the massive network strain. So even after the device is put away, it continues to process the command, wasting power and draining battery life. Users can avoid this by forcing the apps to quit, or by installing an app that shuts them off automatically after each use.

Control your memory

When a wireless network is overloaded, efficient smartphone users know to minimize their time on social media or other websites and Internet-based apps since they become excruciatingly slow. What users don’t know is that the apps and the information stored within them (also known as cache) have a negative impact on the phone’s operating speed.

To keep the phone functioning as efficiently as possible, users should delete unused apps and cache regularly. There are a number of apps managers and trash cleaners dedicated to deleting these files, including Task Killer and DU Speed Booster. As an added bonus, these will also clear more memory for selfies.

Stay cool

Veteran festivalgoers know the importance of keeping cool and comfortable in the summer heat. They take routine breaks to avoid overheating from excessive activity. Smartphones work the same way. It’s essential to monitor a phone’s temperature with apps that have CPU-cooling capabilities. These apps can detect when a phone reaches a dangerous level of heat, alerting users when they need to cool down or shut down the apps that are the culprits.

So at your next music festival this summer–whether it’s Bonnaroo, Electric Daisy Carnival or another–care for your phone. You wouldn’t want to be the poor soul who ran into Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna at Coachella but didn’t have a functioning smartphone to capture the moment. Because, as we all know, without a picture shared, Tweeted, Snapchatted or posted online, it’s as good as having never happened at all.

Josh Fenn is the senior marketing manager at Baidu.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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