Journal Register Co. Considers Name Change

As the Journal Register Co. shifts from solely a newspaper company to one that extends across multiple platforms, its CEO and unparalleled master at posing-behind-giant-red-things, John Paton, is mulling over whether to change its name to better reflect its new direction.

Paton articulated his thoughts in a blog entry:

While some of our newspapers have been around since before the American Revolution, the Journal Register Company name is only about 20 years old or so. That name has certain connotations both pro and con. I am wondering if the name now needs to be changed to reflect our new focus on multiple media platforms and hyperlocal journalism. What do you think?

Paton has been hard at work trying to change the company’s image, even announcing that it was hiring “less suits, more gumshoes” in an attempt to step away from the company’s history as a ruthless and overly “corporate.”