Journal Serves Up Foursquare Badges Along with Its New NYC Local Coverage

Predictably, the New York Times engaged in a bit of old-world thinking today when it issued a “saucily-worded ‘welcome’ memo” to the Wall Street Journal‘s new New York metro section (as our sister blog FishbowlNY put it). (After all, doesn’t the Times realize their competition isn’t the Journal, but Farmville?)

Interestingly, however, the Journal engaged in a bit of new-world thinking when it decided to offer readers not only Big Apple-related stories, but the opportunity to collect three Foursquare badges as well.

Check into restaurants reviewed by the Lunch Box column and get a Lunch Box badge. Check in three times to the Financial District and get a Banker Badge. (Three times? Really? That’s all? I mean, we’re talking Journal readers, after all. Shouldn’t it be, like 3,000 times?) Hit each of the city’s five boroughs and get an Urban Adventurer badge (because, we’re guessing, it would in fact be an adventure for a Journal reader to hit the Bronx?)

TechCrunch observes that the badges “probably won’t do much to convince New Yorkers to turn to the Wall Street Journal for local reporting.” But, it says, they do “represent another branding coup for young Foursquare.”

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