Journalism Prof Prepares For Graduation

Most know Marc Cooper as a journalist, but he is also a professor at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism. And today he says goodbye to 50 USC journalism students for whom he holds great optimism, despite the increasing tenuousness of the profession. From Cooper’s blog:

Few of them, and just as few among the faculty, have any clear idea where all this is going. But if you are busy enough actually Doing It, you don’t really have that much time to sit around and ponder the industry belly button. You are too busy remaking the industry to worry if it still exists (it does – though I much prefer to define it as a public service than an industry).

You move ahead by moving ahead. And in this sense, our graduating students are no less than existentialist heroes. Their very existence and persistence defy and challenge all the nay-sayers, crepe-hangers and nostalgic dwellers of some Jurassic and utopian media paradise that never was.

Fingers crossed, baby journos.