7 Startups for the Tech Savvy Journo

Whether they will act as news curator/organizer or tools to take action, there are several tech startups that could prove very useful for busy writers. These newly created companies vary in their phases of development from “app coming to Android & iPhone soon” to “currently a beta site,” but, with improved functionality and good word of mouth, they could just become the Foursquares of the future.

Here’s a look at a few that are on our radar:

Apollo News — “The Newspaper of the Future”
This up and coming site features categorized Web content with up or down voting on sources. By voting for pages, you dictate what news will be presented to you in the future. I liked how the stories are classified on the site and allow for a broad news experience on one topic.

Ongo — “One Smart Read. Best stories. Stellar experience. No ads.”
It’s as simple as that. Ongo allows you to read all of your news in one place by gathering content based on algorithms and human editing. Beware, after the first free month the subscription fee is $5.99/mo.

News.me — “Get the News that Matters from the Tweets you Missed”
With ‘following’ numbers rising to the thousands for some, News.me finds the best and most interesting stories from your Twitter feed that people who interest you are also reading. P.S. — no ads.

CommentTo — “A bookmarker and a highlighter, for the web!”
Sounds confusing at first. The program allows you to bookmark nearly anything from a website (text, image, etc.), access it from another computer or browser, and share it with friends or co-workers for collaboration. Furthermore, you can comment on nearly any selection of a piece and “start a conversation anywhere you like.”

Jux — “It’s creation. It’s sharing. But it’s also permanent and personal.”
Yet another blogging site, but with a somewhat more exciting interface that is worth a look. One writer describes it as a place that is “a showcase for your thoughts, photos and anything else you might want to share.”

WeVideo — “Video editing redefined. We give you full creative control.”
Sometimes incorporating video into a piece can be challenging — not so much the embedding, but the editing. For a source that makes this process low-cost and less complex, check out WeVideo in its Beta form.


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