Journo Ipsum: Funny New-Media Inspired Filler Text

It’s the Friday before a long holiday weekend (at least here in the U.S.). So I thought I’d pass along what’s amusing me at this hour as a service to folks planning to re-design their sites over the three-day weekend, or to those who just need some amusement to help make it through the last hour of work today (at least on the East Coast).

So you’ve probably heard of Lorem Ipsum, the standard filler text designers plop on a page when they lay it out. It’s Latin and it’s meaningless, which makes it great (and way less embarrassing than fake headlines someone doesn’t catch before they publish).

Nieman Media Lab has a new take on the filler text: Journo Ipsum. It’s not Latin, but it’s almost meaningless — and absolutely hilarious. Every time you refresh the page, you get a new serving of hilarity. To demonstrate, here’s the first paragraph I was served:

hyperlocal libel lawyer audience atomization overcome Alberto Ibarguen linking Android Like button, copyboy layoffs perfect for starting a campfire AP What Would Google Do MinnPost put the paper to bed, Gannett natural-born blogger Innovator’s Dilemma gotta grok it before you rock it content farm. hyperlocal Gannett Facebook WaPo Pulse meme innovation semipermeable retweet, Kindle Single Twitter topples dictators iPad app fourth estate reporting net neutrality hot news doctrine attracting young readers Alberto Ibarguen, discuss we need a Nate Silver if the news is that important, it’ll find me crowdsourcing community stupid commenters The Daily.

It’s like a Twitter, Romensko and an SEO e-book smoothie. It’s way more entertaining than plain old Latin dummy text.

You can read more about the project at the Nieman Lab blog. And let us know the funniest line it produces for you in the tabloid dead trees anonymity nut graf Django, newspaper curmudgeon Mozilla reality-based stupid comments or on Twitter @10000words using the hashtag #journoipsum.

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