Journo Love Mail

BigJournalism editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show last night, and the responses, largely to her appearance, came rolling in on Twitter. Many were perhaps the opposite of “Journo Hate Mail.”

A sampling of the friendly (maybe too friendly) tweets Loesch received from male observers:

  • @DLoesch looking good on AC360.
  • @DLoesch is beyond beautiful and smart. #winning
  • It took one CNN appearance and instantly I’m in love with @DLoesch. Atta girl!
  • @DLoesch You look SO good on 360. Thanks for that. 😉
  • @DLoesch killin it on anderson cooper (lookin fine as hell)
  • @DLoesch #JustToBeClear I’m following you on Twitter because you’re suuuper attractive Your political views however are butt fuck ugly.
  • @DLoesch I love the new look! Soooo hot. But god you are nuts haha Marry me
  • @DLoesch damm you are just HOT

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