Journos Are Both Emotional and Funny About Mother’s Day

“Kid has 102 fever. Reminds me that Mother’s Day is all about… being a mother.” —WaPo‘s national political correspondent Karen Tumulty in a weekend tweet.

“Here’s to Carole Thrush, the coolest person I have ever known. Miss her every day, but especially today.”
–Politico’s Glenn Thrush in a weekend tweet.

“A Mother’s Day tribute to NPR moms, including mine.”
— NPR Ari Shapiro’s tweet on a really creative, entertaining NPR feature in which viewers play match the mom with the NPR personality. Each personality tells a story about his or her mom. (Look and listen here.)

“My mom visited Dad’s grave with my sis who bought two bags of dirt on way home. Mom said, “Are you trying to tell me something?” xo to moms!” —Vanity Fair‘s Maureen Orth in a weekend tweet. Orth has the handle, LukeRsmom, as in mother to NBC’s Luke Russert.