Journos on the Run

> Update: Employees from FOX Business and FOX News, online, won first and second place for the electronic media division. Please note their team name (“Fair and New Balanced” – get it?).

Fair and New Balanced
Sandra Smith – Captain
Alex Finland
Bruce Becker
Tim May
Lamonte Bryant Tyler

First, Fast, FOX
Bill Sammon – Captain
Justin Fishel
Jennifer Hazelton
Ryan Kerr
Lori Martin

Some Fox Business Network journos laced up early this morning and ran the Capital Challenge. It’s a three-mile race. Sandra Smith, a FBN Network reporter, won in her division – the “female electronic journalist division” (we can’t make this stuff up). Rich Edson, FBN’s funnyman D.C. correspondent also ran.

Smith on why she participated: “I love a challenge! Plus, it gave me a great reason to lace up the shoes and go for a few training runs.”

How she prepared: “Since I only had a month notice of the race, I knew I needed to get in a few long runs, as I hadn’t been running much, but most importantly I needed to work on pace. Finding your pace for a short 3 mile race like this is important and can be tricky. So I did repeat runs around the lower loop in Central Park just trying to hit consistent mile splits.”

Before today’s race, Edson remarked: “This is my third Capital Challenge. I went through a sophomore slump. Hopefully last year was an aberration.”

How he prepared: I switched from running to swimming this winter. I’ll know how smart that was by 8:25 tomorrow morning, or how dumb it was by 8:35 a.m. or later. Reason for doing the race: I like to watch elected officials twice my age run three miles in half the time.”

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