Joyfort Entertainment brings Deep Space Fleet to Facebook

Image via Joyfort Entertainment

Joyfort Entertainment has brought its latest game to life on Facebook, Deep Space Fleet, which sees players traveling to the distant future, to a time when humans have conquered interstellar travel and are able to create massive space stations while inhabiting foreign planets.

Deep Space Fleet allows players to take over a massive space station, complete with defensive centers, workshops and shipyards for building new ships, storage facilities for storing gathered materials and more. Each may start at Level 1 (or even Level 0), but these items and buildings can be upgraded over time using resources including Crystals, Metals and Fuels.

Players need to balance the use of these materials as they play, as many of the game’s buildings are connected in “cycles.” That is, upgrading one building may require a specific kind or level of power-plant or workshop, as an example. However, in order to have the materials available to upgrade said power plant or workshop, the storage facility may need an upgrade to actually hold enough materials to complete the build.

Image via Joyfort Entertainment

Players can use their Research Center to unlock advanced items and technological abilities, including faster ship production, boosted resource output and more powerful ships. When they’re ready to head into battle, players can produce a few ships, turn them into a fleet and head into the story map to fight in scripted missions.

Battles progress automatically, until one entire fleet has been defeated. Elsewhere, players can seize other planets full of resources, so long as their fleet meets the minimum requirements for battle. They can also plunder resources from other players around the world.

According to our app tracking service AppData, Deep Space Fleet has over 56,000 monthly active players, and is on the rise. The game has gained over 28,000 players in the last seven days. It’s now available to play for free on Facebook.