Joynt Welcomes the Salahis to Q & A Cafe

The infamous party crashing couple is making its way into Carol Joynt’s Q & A Cafe. And they won’t be crashing it — they’ve actually been invited. Reaction has been interesting, Joynt tells FishbowlDC, ranging from ‘what fun’ to ‘can’t wait’ to ‘how dare you!'” In the above photograph they’re posing with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who doesn’t plan to join in for the occasion.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi will be at Joynt’s Q & A Cafe on June 17 at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown. The all-inclusive fee is $50. Seating begins at noon. For reservations, call 202-912-4119.

For more information on Joynt and to see the post, visit here.

> Update: Calls to the Ritz are reportedly “enthusiastic,” says Joynt, with one person even volunteering to step in if the Salahis don’t show. But they are going to show, assures Joynt. “I will not fret that possibility until the moment they [don’t] appear.”

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