Judd Apatow Annotates Esquire

The profile piece is by no means a train wreck.

JuddApatowEsquireHow the heck do you make the print edition of a glossy monthly magazine relevant to the Faster Pussycat! Scroll! Scroll! mobile crowd? Well, one way is to allow the subject of a profile piece to annotate the print pages in the margins, screen grab those pages and share.

That’s what Esquire has done, posting writer Anna Peele’s unemcumbered words first and then profile subject Judd Apatow’s scrawl second. It’s hilarious, especially since the clarifications and comments sit below the section header “Man at His Best.”

Just as we would with an Apatow movie, we’re not going to post any major spoilers. But as a small example, Apatow at the top underlines Peele’s description of the “lurid lighting” in his new office with the explanation that he just moved in, and explains the clutter of the old workplace with the lament, ‘I am a hoardee.’

Apatow gets endearing belly laughs on Twitter (when the subject is not Cosby). He gets them on screen. And here, he gets them in the margins. Kudos to the editors of Esquire for giving Hollywood’s court jester black-marker free rein.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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