EW Very Cleverly Celebrates Julia Roberts’ 48th Birthday

A look back at 17 covers.

EWJuliaRobertsDec2007That moment when an actor realizes they’ve crossed over into the public consciousness. For Julia Roberts, it happened this way:

“The first time I truly felt famous was when I went to the movies with my mom. I had gone to the loo, and someone in the bathroom said in a very loud voice, ‘Girl in stall No. 1, were you in Mystic Pizza? ‘ I paused and I said, ‘Yeah, that was me.'”

This quote was part of December 2007 EW cover story, and it’s revisited on this, Roberts’ 48th birthday, in a cool slide show put together by features editor Madeline Boardman. In all, 17 covers done by the actress over the years for the Time Inc. publication are showcased.

Arguably the most ingenious Roberts EW cover art involved an August 2004 issue. To go along with the cover line ‘Special Report – Why Hollywood Can’t Find the Next Julia Roberts,’ the magazine used small, pixelated headshots of potential successors to create the image of the actress.

A rep for the magazine told FishbowlNY they plan to do more of these birthday-honoring cover retrospectives in the future. Mel Gibson, featured on one of the Roberts covers, turns 60 in January. Showcasing him in this fashion would be really interesting, given his fall from Hollywood grace.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.