Julian Assange Releases New Book on reKiosk

Not surprisingly, Julian Assange’s new book Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet is not available from Amazon. Instead of working with the corporate book retailer, the Wiki Leaks founder and his publisher OR Books have made the book available for sale through reKiosk, a site that enables indie stores to sell digital content. (And the book is currently the main attraction, with a road block banner ad when you go to reKiosk.com).

reKiosk lets creators sell eBooks and music outside of major online marketplaces, through a network of smaller online shops. Makers who publish content into the network, enable the entire community of reKioskers to sell the creation from within the seller’s kiosks. The creator gets 70 percent of the sale price.

Want to give a copy to a friend for Christmas? The site recently added a feature that lets you send gift files for free via email. Anytime a user uploads a file, they can give it away to 20 different people by clicking on the gift icon in the user’s catalog. The gift recipients don’t have to be reKiosk members, but they do have to join to download the item.