Catholic New York Reporter Pens YA Novel

Juliann DosSantos conjures up a faithless reporter.

JesusontheSceneCoverThe title, Jesus on the Scene, is great. The premise, even better:

Jesus on the Scene highlights the trials of Amy Roberts, a twenty-something millennial who recently lost her job at a prestigious publishing company in Manhattan. Although baptized Catholic, Amy lost her faith in God after the death of her father. In need of a job and desperate to become a writer, she applies for and lands a job as a reporter at a Catholic newspaper. Amy will do anything to fulfill her dream, even if it means faking her faith.

The 184-page YA title, released in October, was penned by Julian DosSantos, a reporter for America’s largest Catholic newspaper, Catholic New York. This week, she receives an enthusiastic thumbs-up from Tony Rossi, a writer-producer for website The Christophers.

DosSantos is the second guest on the latest episode of Rossi’s Christopher Close-Up podcast, during which she talks about a variety of interesting elements involved in the writing of her debut novel. A pivotal supporting character in the book is a hipster… named Jesus.

At one point, Rossi suggests people wrongly sometimes imagine God as being like Superman, ready to swoop in and save them from a predicament. Coincidentally, DosSantos, on her personal blog, relates an intriguing recent Man of Steel wedding.

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