Jumptap to Offer Ad-Selection Tool

Jumptap wants to provide mobile users with the ability to better control what ads they receive on the most personal of devices.

The mobile ad network, which sells ad inventory for media companies like NBC and ESPN, has announced plans to release a new feature that will encourage mobile Web users users to pick and choose the sort of ads they encounter. While details of the offering are still being worked out, consumers will be able to indicate preferences for what types of brands they are comfortable hearing from when they surf the Web using mobile devices or interact with mobile applications.

Plus, users will be able to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising—i.e. ads that target mobile consumers based on their previous Web surfing behavior. However, according to Jumptap officials, users will not be able to opt out of receiving mobile ads entirely.

The thinking is that the mobile medium requires a different, more personalized and more cautious approach from brands. “Because the phone is fast-becoming the central device for everything personal, privacy, security and transparency will become key,” said Jumptap CMO Paran Johar.  “Consumers will become more selective about brands they want to do business with, and trust and privacy will guide their choices.  We’ve built our platform on this very principle.”

Initially, users will be able to manage their personal mobile ad profiles via a central Jumptap Web site. Plus, Jumptap’s publishing partners will be able to place links on their sites’ via which users can elect to take more direct control of the ads they receive. Eventually, Jumptap may roll out some sort of consumer awareness effort to promote this program, said a company spokesperson.

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