Bora! Bora! Read All About It!

The Daily News is under fire for intruding upon Justin Bieber's latest Polynesian vacation.

If you were looking for an article that perfectly summarizes the direction the New York Daily News has been tumultuously embracing, its name is – “EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Justin Bieber Goes for Naked Swim While Vacationing With Model Jayde Pierce in Bora Bora.

Consider the following:

1) The item has no byline.

2) Bieber’s representatives sent a cease-and-desist and are threatening to sue the paper for publishing the shots syndicated by photo agency Fame Flynet.

3) At press time, the article is the most read item on the website. And beyond the U.S. exclusive rights obtained by the Daily News, the same titillating content is also blared across the website of the most read newspaper in the world – the Daily Mail.

4) The reader comments are much livelier than the repetitive article text:

John B.: LOL! Does anyone remember when the NYDN was actually about truly interesting things going on in and around the actual city of New York and other important world news?

Rick Gordon: Yep, it’s stuff like this that’s driving me to the NY Times… and I’ve been reading the NYDN since 1968.

JD Turingkai: Perhaps the NYDN should be fined and the editors jailed for printing naked pictures of people taken by their voyeuristic sensationalist trash sources from long distances. Or perhaps we should also get to see naked photos of the reporters’ wives and husbands since they think that this is appropriate to do to someone.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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