Justin Bieber Has Had It With PMC’s HollywoodLife

Petitions have quickly followed an Instagram call to action.

One of the most frequent targets of fact-checking website Gossip Cop is Bonnie Fuller’s HollywoodLife, part of a PMC portfolio that also includes WWD, Deadline, Variety and IndieWire. Just the other day in fact, we were reading a GC item headlined “HollywoodLife Flip-Flops on Khloe Kardashian Pregnant, Steals Gossip Cop Exclusive.”

But it becomes a whole different story when the byline is shared by Justin Bieber. That’s essentially what happened late Tuesday night with the superstar, via Instagram. From Gossip Cop staffer Shari Weissreport:

In a typed photo, Bieber said, “The website HollywoodLife is untruthful and hurtful let’s spam them and petition to shut them down! GO!!” He added in the caption, “Let’s spam and petition to shut this garbage website down.” The post, which has nearly 500,000 likes, has since become filled with comments from fans writing, “#shutdownhollywoodlife.”

And Bieber is not the first celebrity to speak out against HollywoodLife, or HollywoodLies, as it’s become known. [Selena] Gomez once wrote on Instagram that the webloid is “never true. Ever.” She also called the outlet the “worst” in a Billboard interview last year.

A quick check reveals a number of petitions have sprouted from Bieber’s call to action. Here’s one of the earliest we found, which aims to gather 1,000 signatures.

Update (9:30 p.m.):
Per a Gossip Cop follow-up item, Bieber continues via social media to rail against HollywoodLife. He is urging fans to make use of hashtag #hollywoodlifeisgarbage.

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