Justin Bieber Announces Retirement On Christmas Eve Via Twitter

In a cryptic series of tweets this Christmas Eve, pop star Justin Bieber (sort of) announced his retirement.

The Stratford, Ont. native with the baggy pants and big coif took to Twitter on Christmas Eve to tell his nearly 48 million followers that he would be retiring:

That startling tweet shook up his fans, and garnered 273,195 retweets (as well as 208,603 favorites, possibly from a group who wasn’t too broken up at the announcement). However, the Biebs followed up this tweet with two more rant-ish tweets that throw into question whether or not his retirement is for real:



Stating that he’s retiring in the first tweet and then that he’s “HERE FOREVER” in the third has probably confused a fair number of his fans. The stunt did, no doubt, increase the buzz surrounding his Christmas Day movie – which may indeed have been the point all along.

(JStone / Shutterstock.com)

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