Kabam launches combat strategy game Dark District on iOS

Image via Kabam

Kingdoms of Camelot developer Kabam has announced the release of Dark District on iOS, challenging players to survive in the dystopian society of Tenebri, a planet far from Earth. The strategy battle game sees players building a futuristic base, training units and taking them into battle before all of the Dark District is taken over by warlords.

Players in Dark District have access to a variety of building types, including research facilities, mineral extractors and more. Players can construct these buildings and train new military units by balancing the use of two major currencies, Alloy (coins) and Hexium. Hexium is used in bulk to create both ground and air units, and both currencies are available to purchase with premium currency / real money to speed up progress.

At any time, players can head off to battle, completing level-based combat against other bases, which may be defended by machine gun turrets, missile launchers or photon cannons. Each level has a difficulty rating, and players can retreat if they’re overwhelmed.

Players tap to deploy units on the field, and can tap on specific targets to focus all of their units on that particular enemy. When commanding multiple types of units, players can choose to have each type attack a different enemy, or to focus all units on a single thing. A player-vs-player multiplayer combat system is also available.

Image via Kabam

Back at their base, players can upgrade their buildings for better production of minerals, additional storage for military units and more. A quest system guides players through these upgrades, while Game Center integration offers achievements for reaching certain milestones.

“Dark District rises above the countless number of tower defense games on the market,” said Andrew Sheppard, president of Kabam Studios, in a statement.  “By creating a high-fidelity 3D world that pushes the graphical capabilities of the latest hardware and empowers players to control every aspect of combat, Dark District achieves a visceral gameplay experience that blows past player expectations.”

Dark District is now available to download for free on iOS, and is coming soon to Android. Check back soon to follow the game on our app and developer tracking service AppData.

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