Kanye West Pardons the Interview Interruption

Jamaican woman turns Vanity Fair interview into a job interview.

These are the sorts of moments that a reporter both dreads and dreams of. In the case of Dirk Standen, a moment at the Mercer Hotel that occurred without warning while he was interviewing Kanye West shortly after the Sept. 16 unveiling of the entertainer’s Yeezy Spring 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week.

This particular moment went in a positive direction, so it is fully included in the VF Q&A transcript:

Do you have a date in mind for the first [Yeezy clothing line] store?

A woman approaches the booth.

Woman: Pardon, I got my U.S. citizenship today so I can work for you.

West: Oh, wow.

Woman: [Unfolding her naturalization certificate] Yeah, I have to show you the papers, man. I was born in Jamaica.

West: What? Awesome.

Woman: I got to meet your baby. I got to buy her some gifts. I’m around, so I’ll just ship it to your doorman, O.K.?

West: O.K., cool.

Per the video above, The Donald recently stated that he loves The Kanye. This flipside of the whole non-naturalized citizens debate will likely only further endear the 2020 Presidential candidate to the 2016 one.

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