Media Abuzz Over NYT Kappo Masa Takedown

Number of no-star restaurant rating categories available to New York Times critic Pete Wells: three (poor; fair; satisfactory).

Rating applied to Larry Gagosian and Masayoshi Takayama‘s ultra-expensive new joint Kappo Masa: satisfactory.

Wells’ goose egg is ricocheting across the NYC media landscape this morning, with open-jawed attention garnered at press time from The Observer, The Daily Meal, New York Eater and Business Insider. All told, Wells is in line with early Yelp reviewer Michael W. from Forest Hills, who gave Kappo Masa one star – for reasons that had nothing to do with the food:

This one star is for a particular server who saw that I had no battery life on my iPhone and asked if I needed the phone to be charged. Such attention deserves a star. Now, let’s get down and dirty.

1. Terrible entrance with no hostess at the door, the bouncer-looking dude at the gallery had to help me with directions.

2. The prices are what you expect from other Masa’s, which is ridiculously absurd. If the staff they hire is top-notch then it’s fine, but if it’s an open kitchen full of Chipotle cook-trainee lookalikes, then NO…

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.