“Karaoke in the Capital” Takes Over Rock & Roll Hotel Tonight

Get your ear plugs ready! DC media types will take center stage tonight at the Rock and Roll Hotel for “Karaoke in the Capital.”

And they’re ready to rock…

TPM‘s Christina Bellantoni posts on Facebook this morning: “People of Capitol Hill: I’m not crazy singing at the top of my lungs walking down the street – just practicing for karaoke tonight.”

Politics Daily’s editor-in-chief Melinda Henneberger blogs: “The last time I sang in public I was 17 years old. I have never set foot in a karaoke bar. And though I love to belt out show tunes in the privacy of my car, my kids respond roughly 100 percent of the time by turning on the radio… My 13-year-old daughter has but one request: ‘Just promise me you’re not going to do Miley, OK?'” Politics Daily is co-sponsoring the event.

We also hear CBS’ Bob Schieffer, who has a few tricks up his sleeve for tonight’s performance, has been practicing in his office at the bureau this morning. He’ll of course be singing a country ballad– he regularly performs at DC functions with his band “Honky Tonk Confidential.”

We think Schieffer put it best in the event’s press release, “If you appreciate good music this is probably not the party for you.”

Karaoke in the Capital” is hosted by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Mid-Atlantic Chapter and part of the proceeds benefit Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Check FBDC tomorrow for event coverage.

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