Sportswriter Karen Crouse Has the Swimmer’s Advantage

NYT reporter dives into a Q&A with her former employer, Swimming World magazine.

New York Times sportswriter Karen Crouse is back in the pages of Swimming World magazine, where she worked for two years. This time, it’s in the form of a Q&A conducted by intern Lillian Nelson.

Crouse credits her years a competitive swimmer, from Grade 9 through USC, as having fundamentally shaped the way she works today as a reporter. In her very first answer, she explains how it has given her a leg, another leg and two arms up:

“I definitely have more self-discipline and resilience than a lot of my non-swimming peers in journalism. And I’m more indefatigable (I once had an editor marvel at the hours I kept during an Olympics. Her exact words were: “And you don’t even drink! I don’t know how you do it!”). I don’t know whether I would have been that way if not for swimming, but I definitely have great time-management skills and the ability to squeeze every ounce of production out of a day, which definitely stems from all my years of double workouts interspersed with advanced-level classes.”

Ha ha. Love that comment from her former editor. At another point, Crouse recalls one of the best compliments she has ever received; it was from a New York Jets receiver, who assumed by the questions she was asking that she must have formerly been an elite athlete.
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