Katherine Heigl Goes Litigious Over Duane Reade Twitpic

In a headline custom-made for the tabloids, everyone’s favorite fake doctor Katherine Heigl wants a cool $6 million in compensation from Duane Reade for the sharing of this pic last month:

You don’t really need to ask why, do you?

We don’t quite understand the logic behind the chain’s promo decision beyond the “celebrities draw eyeballs” factor, but Heigl’s suit does have a point: two million followers equals a lot of exposure for a “misappropriated” paparazzi shot.

The most amusing part of the filing is the section in which Heigl’s lawyers explain why it had to be filed (because she’s super famous):

“As a consequence of her work in the entertainment and philanthropic worlds, plaintiff is a highly recognized celebrity…when plaintiff chooses to endorse a product or service, she is highly selective and well compensated.”

Heigl also clarified that said compensation would go to support her own animal rights charity, giving Page Six yet another opportunity to make fun of her.

We have to wonder if the cost of the suit was really worth the attention, because we still can’t tell DR and CVS apart. But yes, brands should probably tread a bit more carefully when digging into the gossip blog stock photo archives for material.

And for the record, we dig the scarf. (It was an unseasonably cold March.)

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