Katy Perry Brings the “Twitter Jumbotron” to her Concerts

She’s the sixth most-followed person on Twitter, just beating out Twitter early-adopter Ashton Kutcher. And Katy Perry (@Katy Perry) is using her Twitter fame in her offline life now, too: she’s bringing out giant “Twitter jumbotrons” during her live concerts to display tweets and twitpics from her fans to get them amped up about the show. So if you’ve got tickets to see Perry any time soon, start brainstorming an ultra-witty tweet or two – they just might be seen by tens of thousands of people.

Perry’s California Dreams 2011 will be the first live concert tour to feature Twitter this prominently. Each show will have its own unique hashtag that fans can add to their tweets, and those selected will appear on the massive on-stage screens before the show starts.

The technology behind these screens – dubbed Tweet-to-Screens – is powered by Mass Relevance, a real-time content curation provider for entertainment, media, retail and manufacturing brands. Every tweet containing the hashtag of a particular Perry performance will be aggregated and curated by the Mass Relevance team.

Mass Relevance has created Twitter strategies for the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and ESPN’s March Madness Tournament of Twitter. Sam Decker, CEO of Mass Relevance, as this to say about the partnership with Katy Perry:

“This is a really exciting partnership between Katy Perry, Twitter and Mass Relevance that showcases the future of real-time audience participation. This is the beginning of offline, online, fan and audience integration that creates a more engaging experience at the show. It also encourages fans to tweet and enables fans at home to see the excitement about the show, getting others even more excited about Katy and seeing her concert.”

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