Keith Hernandez Named President of Slate

A BuzzFeed poach.

slate304Keith Hernandez has been named president of Slate, announced Slate Group chairman Jacob Weisberg and vice chairman Dan Check today. Hernandez, who starts Nov. 2, comes to Slate from BuzzFeed, where he had been the vice president of brand strategy.

Hernandez’s experience, both at BuzzFeed and places like Vevo and The Onion, has been on the business side, and his role at Slate will be similarly focused. Hernandez will be responsible for setting advertising, marketing and brand strategy. His experience with native advertising will be particularly important as Slate seeks to expand in that arena.

“We’re especially delighted that Keith innately understands how blending technology and creative can amplify clients’ messages,” said Check in a statement. “Keith has been a pioneering figure in the worlds of native advertising and social media since he joined BuzzFeed in 2012 just as social and custom were beginning to take shape, and he has a true grasp of how to best blend creative strategy with custom content to craft a distinct voice for his partners.”