Kevin C. Tofel’s 6 Features to Expect in iPhone OS 4.0 + a 7th Item From Me

In GigaOm, Kevin C. Tofel speculates on:

6 Features to Expect in iPhone OS 4.0

1. Multitasking: This one seems probable. But, I’m of the minority opinion that Apple should restrict multitasking in favor of stability

2. Higher resolution display: Yes, Apple needs to catch up to Android devices like the Droid and Nexus One. Even Windows Mobile has the Touch HD

3. Support for a second camera: This would be great. But, wouldn’t it be funny if Apple left it off of the US model like other vendors do (vs. models destined for Europe or Asia). We in the U.S. are apparently too primitive to deal with two cameras

4. Unified inbox: Yes! This rocks on Android 2.x devices

5. Enhanced voice-to-text: I’m of two minds on this one. Yes, it would be nice. But, I would like to see firms like Nuance and Google keep producing innovative speech related products

6. Music in the clouds: Hmm. Seems possible. But, is Zune Pass really setting the world on fire?

I’d like to add a seventh item to Kevin’s list:

7. Support synching with two Exchange Servers (Google Sync plus an Exchange Server at work or a cloud service). The Droid and Nexus One lets me do this now and it is a tremendous boon for me

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