Kevin Powell Signs Books at MIST Harlem

Brooklyn-based author is getting some of his best reviews for The Education of Kevin Powell.

KevinPowellCoverThe 12th book by this one-time cast member of MTV’s The Real World is titled The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey Into Manhood. The New Jersey native, now Brooklyn-based, has been busy promoting the Oct. 27 release. Tonight, he will stop by MIST Harlem to chat with journalist Jacqueline Reid and sign books.

Powell recently paid a visit to The Tavis Smiley Show in Los Angeles and also spoke to Bobbi Booker for a piece in The Philadelphia Tribune. In each interview, the author lays out some powerful project motivation:

“This is the book that I have wanted to write my entire life since I was a child. My childhood was so unbelievable, and now I know so many of us have things in common, but when you are isolated the way I was, you don’t know that people feel the same things that you feel. Your hope is that you write something that’s good and decent enough to touch a life in a certain way…”

“I made a conscious decision in the last decade that really has been intensifying since my second Congressional run in 2010, that I have to roll with love and peace and forgiveness and kindness for the rest of my life,” explained Powell. “I want to be a healthy human being and I want to be around other healthy human beings. I don’t want to be toxic or be around people who are toxic. I think the inability to forgive is like a toxic mentality. I don’t want to be that at all. Bell Hooks is someone that I admire a lot and she talks about living a very simple life, and part of the simplicity is love, peace and forgiveness. I feel like it hurts you when you hold on to stuff.”

Tonight’s 7 p.m. event, although free, requires an RSVP. As noted in a recent USA Today review, each chapter of the new book begins with a piece of poetry by the author, framing everything from 9/11 to Powell’s first trip to Africa.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.