Kick-Ass Movie App Lets You Upgrade Your Facebook Photos Into Super Heroes

Kick-Ass: Become a Superhero is a new application that lets you turn your Facebook photos into superhero photos based on the upcoming Kick-Ass movie. You first choose props, camera angles, your name and your photo, and then you go to work placing, editing and rotating the props to make your character. Once complete, you can share it on Facebook and also enter a contest to be featured in an upcoming comic book.

The idea has been done before, but there really is a great production value on the application, availabe at the Kick-Ass site. You’re quickly asked to login to Facebook, and the application then shows you a host of your Facebook photos to choose from. I always love seeing my Facebook photos in a new layout, and they do it well here. You also can choose from some canned shots from the movie.

Once you’ve chosen your shot, you get the chance to apply props to your photo. The great thing here is that the props are three-dimensional, and you can rotate them to match the angle of your photo. You can also update color and even the blur, to really make the items seem real, and in the photo.

Finally, once the image is complete, you can post it to Facebook, or even better, the site makes you a movie trailer that incorporates your new hero. Here is a still from my Kick-Ass movie trailer. Try the application out, you won’t be disappointed!