Washington Post Article Omits Important Detail

That Kickended website highlighted June 16? It hasn't been active since March 31.

KickendedInfoProgrammer Walter Haas’ website Kickspy shut down this past spring. But a similar, narrower culling of Kickstarter projects, Kickended, lives on at the hands of Italian artist Silvio Lorusso. At least that’s the implicit suggestion in a recent Washington Post piece.

However, because Lorusso’s cataloging of projects that failed to attract a single Kickstarter backer relied on Haas’ data, his website hasn’t posted anything new since the same Kickspy end date – March 31. In other words, the kick of Kickended has been severely weakened.

It’s something that definitely should have been mentioned in the June 16 WonkBlog item by Anna Swanson. Maybe Lorusso can turn to Kickstarter to try and fund some sort of functional replacement for Kickspy.

The data collected by Lorusso remains intriguing. On the journalism-publishing front, we noticed for example Amber Schrama‘s campaign for Miss V.I.P. magazine. The London-based Schrama had hoped to finance a digital magazine about body image and distribute it primarily to a 13-to-20-year-old female readership.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.