KickStumbler Combines KickStarter and StumbleUpon

In the last few months we have witnessed a big change in the way that independent projects are funded on the web, and I believe we’ll see a lot more from this space in the future.  One such example is a quick mash-up called “KickStumbler” which brings Kickstarter together with StumbleUpon to enable users to click through various KickStarter projects with just a click.

The folks over at betabeat first caught wind of the new service, and talked with its founder, Anthony Volodkin, about its inception and reasoning.

The service simulates a StumbleUpon bar, which appears at the top of the page as you click through various KickStarter projects.  For each project you can check the category, Tweet or Facebook Like the project and also look at ‘recommended’ projects which are some of the most popular on the site across various categories.

Along with the stumbling component, Anthony and his team also developed a quick video channel that only shows videos from KickStarter, something like an “independent creator TV.”

As a special note, this quirky project should not be confused with KickPuncher, the fictional 80s franchise film from the television show Community.