Kids Network Everloop Partners with Nat Geo & Mattel

The social media site started by three entrepreneurial moms and geared toward kids younger than 13 years of age,, announced a new partnership today with two globally recognized kids’ brands, National Geographic’s Animal Jam and Mattel’s Monster High.

Through the arrangement, National Geographic and Mattel can better engage their fans through signature-brand “loops” created in Everloop’s safe, secure and fun online environment. The two brands will be responsible for creating the content for the loops.

“This is part of our ongoing strategy to continue to build a robust Everloop community for kids by engaging with the top entertainment and educational brands,” said Hilary DeCesare, co-founder and CEO of Danville, California-based Everloop.

The virtual playground Animal Jam is a game geared to adventure-minded kids who like the outdoors and animals. It currently attracts some 2 million regular users.

The Everloop Animal Jam loop will operate as a supplemental platform to Animal Jam’s established online presence by adding social elements that allow children to chat about the game with online friends and to find exclusive promotional codes to use on

“With our fast-growing member base, it’s imperative that our players have a safe, social environment to engage with our world that is outside of the game. Everloop provides us just that,” said Clark Stacey, executive vice president of strategy and business development at Animal Jam.

Mattel’s Monster High targets tweens and teens and aims to help them express their individuality, embrace their imperfections and form lasting friendships. The Monster High loop on Everloop will provide archived and new webisodes, polls, branded stickers, “ghoul” gossip from Monster High as well as other age-appropriate and safe content.

“Everloop will enable us to continue to deliver content to Monster High enthusiasts who might be too young for some of our other existing social media platforms,” said Lori Pantel, vice president of marketing for Global Mattel Girls Brands.

Offering top-notch privacy protection technologies that block children from using bad language, bullying and/or sharing personal information, Everloop launched in February 2011. It allows kids to connect in a closed “social loop” with friends and peers who share their interests. In the new union, Everloop will gain access to the large fan bases each of the two brands has established.