Bonnie Fuller Talks Kim-Kanye Baby Pics

From the moment Kanye West revealed from a stage that Kim Kardashian was pregnant, the race has likely been on among magazines like People and OK! for rights to the exclusive first photos of the famous couple’s child. Now that the baby girl has officially arrived, we thought we’d check in with a New York publishing figure who used to be in the thick of such cutthroat competition for the photo scoop.

“There’s a good chance the baby pictures will not be sold,” Bonnie Fuller, editor-in-chief of, tells FishbowlNY. “Since Kanye has been very vocal about his baby being kept private.”

Fuller suggests three likely scenarios through which the couple may choose to bypass a paid magazine exclusive and possible donation of proceeds to charity. One would be to follow the Tumblr lead of Jay-Z and Beyonce; another would involve setting up a cover story in a prestige magazine like Vanity Fair or Vogue, tying in a photographer of the couple’s choice. The third possibility connects to Monday July 15.

“Kim and Kanye may decide to make Kris Jenner very happy and present their baby daughter to the public for the first time on the debut of the talk show Kris,” Fuller says. “This would keep it all in the family, so to speak.”

Tumblr or a Kris unveiling make equal sense to us. Either pathway would also dovetail nicely with the traditional British photo opp that a certain member of the Royal family will soon be partaking in.

Update (August 24):
Looks like Fuller was right on the money.
The first photo of North West was shared by proud papa on the Friday August 23 edition of Kris.

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