Kindle and Nook May Be Coming To Your Local Target Or Best Buy

The iPad may be driving Kindle offline and Nook out of Barnes & Noble. Rumors have surfaced that the Kindle may be for sale at Target brginning April 25, while the Nook may land at Best Buy on April 18, according to reports from Engadget, which PC world rounds up in this article.

Moving their eReaders into physical stores is a smart move for these two bookselling giants. The iPad is such a tactile device that it may help lure customers away from it and toward an eReader if they have at the chance to play with one in the store. As this market for eReaders and small computers expands, the choices are no doubt increasingly confusing for many people.

It’s interesting to note that while books themselves are leaving the shelves and making their way to the Internet, the devices on which we read them are doing the opposite. Do you think the chance to experiment with a Nook or Kindle in a store would affect your buying decisions?

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