Kindle eBooks Now Showing up on Amazon.FR

The French eBook blog eBouquin has uncovered the first solid proof that Amazon is about to launch a local Kindle Store in France.

Amazon has been rumored to be planning to launch a local Kindle store in France for quite some time now, and a few weeks ago those rumors gained new life. The CEO of Hachette Livre mentioned during an interview that the new Kindle was coming to France on October 8th. His words were confirmed by a couple different translators, and they inspired a great deal of hope. Sadly, it now looks like his remarks were at least partially wrong.

But based on what eBouquin found, his rumors seems to have been partially confirmed.

eBouquin found product listings for a couple eBooks, and unfortunately Amazon already removed the pages. I can give you a link to The Concrete Blonde and Black Ice, but there’s nothing to see.

Luckily for us, Google already cached a copy of each page: The Concrete Blonde and Black Ice. The pages don’t actually have any useful info, butĀ  their presence is proof that a French Kindle Store is coming soon.

It was quite a while ago, but I recall seeing much this same activity in the month before Amazon launched the first Kindle Store. Product pages would be online long enough that Google was able to cache a copy, and this led to a feverish speculation about when the Kindle would be ready.

I would suggest that the same situation applies here. These product pages appearing and disappearing suggests that the Kindle Store will likely launch early next month.