Kindle Software Update Version 2.5: Readers Waiting

Since April 28th, Kindle users have been waiting patiently (and no-so-patiently) for the Kindle Kindle Software Update Version 2.5. The first batch of readers have received the update, but not everybody.

We’ve included some of our favorite user quotes below, but we want to know–do you have 2.5? What do you think? One reader was desperate: “I have a K2 and NO UPDATE YET! Where the heck is it??? How many others don’t have it yet? I feel like I am all alone!”

One reader wrote: “If you’re letting something like your Kindle being updated upset you, you should schedule time with your health care professional. They can prescribe things that will ease your pain until around the end of the month when this should cease to be an issue.”

One lucky reader decided to tantalize other users: “sorry, I was away enjoying my 2.5 update, busy making collections and enjoying the enhancements. Hope you get it soon.”