Dumps Advertising on its Games

Consumers are used to being shown ads on their favorite mobile games. From stationary ads that rest across the bottom of the screen to ads that appear after a player’s turn in a popular multiplayer game, advertisements are simply a part of the ecosystem that don’t look to be going away anytime soon.

That is, unless, you ask King.

The Candy Crush Saga developer has announced a complete and immediate transition away from traditional advertising in its mobile titles, according to emails sent to King’s advertising partners.

“King’s #1 focus around delivering an uninterrupted entertainment experience for our network of loyal players across web, tablet and mobile has unfortunately led to the difficult decision of removing advertising as a core element of King’s overall strategy. The executive team has decided to withdraw completely from the advertising business thus, removing all advertising elements within every King game worldwide effective immediately,” King said in a released statement.

This news is obviously great for players, as it means ads will no longer interrupt the gameplay experience for King’s titles on mobile and smartphone devices, as well as those games played in a traditional browser or on Facebook. This development doesn’t mean King is suffering, however. In fact, this strategy seems to suggest the exact opposite.

To afford to eliminate its advertising revenue stream, King is clearly confident in its ability to lure free players into paid players via the use of microtransactions within its titles (the purchase of additional lives in Candy Crush Saga, as an example). This also indicates that King is already receiving unprecedented revenue from its currency system, making revenue from advertising unnecessary for the company’s further growth and success.

Interestingly, this move is in direct contrast to other developer strategies. Zynga, for instance, has started adding more advertisements to its Facebook games, rather than removing them for the sake of player enjoyment. We’ve reached out to King for further comment on this development, and will update this space if we hear back.